Parvus; the radiation curing specialist

In 1977 Parvus was established by Paul de Kleijn, chemist and the discoverer of the drying capacity of UV flashlight. Our company has acquired a 40-year experience in the technique of photo polymerization. With this technique we can dry varnish, ink, glue and synthetic resin products with a single flash. Every day more than thousand tons of UV (ultraviolet)-sensitive raw materials are processed worldwide and every day new developments arise in the industry.

Parvus produces products, which are being developed at the request of individual customers offering them new possibilities for the expansion of their companies. Meanwhile two companies, Parvus Chemie and Parvus Fysica, participate in the business activities of Parvus. By means of this unique combination Parvus is able to offer you an overall solution for issues with regard to photo polymerization.

On our website you will find information about the technique and about the properties of our products. Furthermore Parvus offers advice and you can contact us with all your questions about UV curing.